Underground song
Underground song is a documentary about russian archaeologists and anthropologists, who are doing field research in Nubian desert, Sudan, Africa. On the way the characters have to face gold mining wave, that destroys ancient monuments and influences Beja people, the natives of desert.

The topic will be revealed in three parts. The first one will be dedicated to Beja people: their original lifestyle and traditions. Then, the second part depicts the influence of gold miners. Finally, the third part shows the mission of scientists. The process of preserving monuments and researching the beja.

The movie will be set up with the purpose of cinema screenings. Technical data:
Video: 16х9, 1920 х 1080, DCI-P3
Audio: Dolby Surround 5.1
Duration: 80-100 min.
Locations and characters
images made by director and producer Victor Kislov during scouting expedition